30/04/2023 4th Sunday of Easter

  1. February  22nd Ash Wednesday (A Day of Fasting and Abstinence)
    1. 6am Holy Mass in Kannada
    2. 7am Holy Mass in Tamil
    3. 8.30am Holy Mass in English
    4. 6pm Holy Mass in English.
    5. (Note: There is no way of the cross on Ash Wednesday)
  2. Stations of the Cross
    1. Every Wednesday at 5pm Station of the cross in English. 
    2. Every Friday at 10. 30am – Station of the cross in Tamil. 
    3. Every Friday at 5pm - Stations of the Cross in Kannada & 6pm – Mass in Tamil. 
  3. The dates for the First Holy Communion is fixed on 30th April at 9.45am mass by Mgrs C. Francis and following day being  holiday on the 1st may at 5pm Confirmation is administered by Most. Rev. Dr. Peter Machado.
    1. Classes begins for the same from 17th  of April onwards at 3pm.
    2. Please collect the registration forms from the Parish office and summit the duly filled forms along with the baptism certificate.
  4. Konkani Catholic Association, Bangalore has organized a day’s Retreat in Konkani on Sunday 26th February, from 9am to 5pm at Konkan Samudai Bhavan, Chellekere.
  5. Sunday’s offering amounted to Rs. 78,180/-Thank you God Bless you.

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